Bath Resurfacing

Is your bath looking old, scratched, has rust stain from leaking taps, difficult to clean or simply outdated because of its color? Ripping a bath out and replacing with new used to be the only option these days, but now it can be resurfaced onsite without removal, and all in a matter of hours!

Bath Resurfacing is a difficult process, working in a confined area with delicate and often fragile surrounds requires a skill that only comes with experience. As with any trade it takes time and experience to achieve a consistently professional high standard that GlazeMaster provides.

Our exclusive process has been developed over more than 25 years in the industry and combines mechanical, chemical and thermal fusion bonding to adhere a complete new surface to baths & shower trays. The new surface looks & feels like porcelain, not plastic and has far superior durability to other resurfacing systems we have researched and extensively field tested over many years. We can resurface the following baths & shower trays, cast iron, pressed steel, enamel, acrylic – plastic, fibreglass & polymarble.

We are the Bathtub Master ReGlazing network professionals!